Recycling Seoul

The object of this research is to produce a comprehensive proposal for the contemporary city: a speculative update of the Athens Charter. We will use Seoul as a paradigmatic case of the contemporary city to test different proposals in a specific urban environment. In this way we manifest the physical and spatial implications of technology on social organizations, urban events, or institutional and economic formations, once applied to an existing physical infrastructure. Members of this research will collaborate with authorities in Seoul Metropolitan Government and other institutions. Students will develop an innovative network of recycled spaces for Seoul through architectural means.

The work will be aimed at envisioning viable reuse of these infrastructures for programs which are created by and for new urban technologies. We will assign different projects of urban recycling to the different functions of the Athens Charter, in order to test them on a condition of re-use rather than of tabula rasa. The collection of all studio projects will constitute a comprehensive document to be published and exhibited in the first Seoul Architecture Biennale.

Research director: Alejandro Zaera Polo