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    SoA Exhibit: Keith Krumwiede, "Freedomland"

    Freedomland is the latest in a long line of visionary plans for American living. It is an experiment in reconciling the seemingly…
  • Venice Biennale 2016

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    Cities Within Cities

    Just as cities today form global networks, individual cities can be understood as a series of interconnected nodes. Urban fabric is…
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    Start-up City

    This research studio will revisit—and hopefully reinvent—the tradition of imagining a city from scratch. The world’s population is proje…
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    Recycling Seoul

    The object of this research is to produce a comprehensive proposal for the contemporary city: a speculative update of the Athens…
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    The rapid pace of urbanization over the past two decades has produced megacities of staggering size and complexity. Most are located…
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    Roma 20-25 Images

    Ecological Scale: Transversal System Ecological and natural systems, by definition, do not respect boundaries. Working with existing…